Miriam is a young woman stuck in an abusive relationship with her grifter boyfriend, Kevin. After Kevin uses Miriam to extort money from a wealthy, married man, he takes her down south looking for the next big score. By chance, their car breaks down in the middle of Scape Ore Swamp, home to the myth of the Lizard Man, a man-like reptile that is supposed to prey on whatever comes across its path. Kevin soon falls victim to the creature and Miriam is forced to run for her life. Along the way, she encounters Alex, a cop who encountered the creature and barely survived. Together they struggle to stay one step ahead of the creature only to be caught by a secret organization looking to acquire the creature for their own plans. Using Miriam and Alex as bait, the organization tries to capture the creature, only for the creature to become the hunter and wipe out most of the organization. Through ingenuity and luck, Miriam and Alex are able to figure out how to kill the Lizard Man and get out alive.

Sequels Comming Soon

The Shadow Universe is vast and will piece the true existence together in a series of mind blowing films. You will never see the world as it is now again.

Scape Ore Area


Scape Ore Mini Market

Big Stop is a small, friendly store that has 4 gas pumps and a small food department Its unique offerings include privately branded pastries, sandwiches, fudge, beef jerky, state-themed souvenirs, and butter-glazed corn puffs called "Swamp Chips." You'll know a Big Stop is coming when driving on the highway as its the only market in 12 miles either direction on the wooded highway in Scape Ore.

John Mason is an American biologist who settled in the Scape Ore area in 1973 after reports of encounters with a violent, humaniod reptilian. He has produced his own book by Seeker Publishing. He has collected found footage depicting traumatic encounters with cryptozoological creatures, including Bigfoot, and even supernatural creatures such as the Werewolf and Wendigo, and extraterrestrials: Alien and Reptilian.


The Eden Corporation is an agricultural/biotech company, helping the world communitess large and small grow food more sustainably. From seed to high tech software, to mining, military and energy, we’re developing tools to help the Earth protect natural resources while providing nourishment and tech advancement to the world. In the face of a changing climate we ensure our global ecological system continues to suit the needs of all.